savory herb

What Is Savory Herb?

Whenever the word “mystery” is mentioned, most of them probably think of the delicious taste first. They do not know that there is actually a plant known as savory! This plant gives a distinctive and peppery taste to various foods (especially meat recipes).

kiwi export stats

Iran’s kiwi export statistics

Kiwi export from Iran is one of the economic trades that has a considerable return on investment. Annually, about 30% of all kiwifruit products in Iran are exported to other countries and Iranian fresh kiwi exports amounted to 104 thousand tons worth $ 47 million in 2020.

Top 10 Herbs for Your Kitchen

Top 10 Herbs for Your Kitchen

A kitchen isn’t complete without the energy and flavor that herb plants can bring to it. In this article of Sepcotrading, we listed some of the greatest herbs Which add spice to your meals throughout the year. Herb plants can grow better under sunlight, so you can place them beside a sunny window indoors.

kiwi fruit benefits

amazing kiwi fruit benefits

Kiwi is a large berry that grows on a species of Actinidia woody grape. Kiwi is commonly grown in New Zealand, but this daring berry is actually grown in East China. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber and offers various health benefits. This sour fruit can support heart health, gastrointestinal health, and immune system.

herbal export

Herbal export data and statistics

The use of herbal medicines is increasing all around the world as one of the elements of complementary and alternative medicine. Here in this article, we gathered some information about the importance of herbal medicine and some stats of the most exported herbals from Iran to other countries.

kiwi in pregnancy

Eating kiwi in Pregnancy. Good or bad?!

Pregnancy is an exciting and special time. There are a lot of things that you as a parent must prepare for the little one on the way. There are clothes to buy, a baby room to prepare and stuff with toys, and the list goes on. But if you put all your focus on preparing stuff for the baby, how can you find the energy to read and gather information available to expectant mothers?

Saffron benefits for skin

5 saffron health benefits for skin

Saffron is rich in manganese, which regulates blood sugar and in turn, gives you glowing skin. It is rich in nutrients and full of health, skin, and hair benefits. Saffron has innumerable benefits so you can add to your diet, you can combine this power spice with milk.

types of raisins

Different types of raisins

There are many different types of raisins with different shapes, colors, sizes, and flavors. In this article, we are going to show you different types of raisins. So just keep reading to find out more about this wonderful dried fruit.

drinking dried raisin water

Amazing Effects of Drinking Raisin Water in the Morning

Vitamins, fiber, and minerals that are plentiful in raisin make it a miracle working superfood that Doctors and nutritionists love recommending to their patients. It turns out we can make raisins significantly more helpful in the event that we soak them in water overnight. Water disintegrates all the minerals and supplements of a raisin and its skin, boosting the wellbeing properties of …

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