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iranian dried fruits and nuts company


In order to achieve its objectives and the satisfaction of business partners, Sepcotrading could meet the needs of whole market with the lowest cost and highest speed enjoying the cooperation of more than 200 trainers experts.

In this regard, with the opening of representative offices in the major economic regions of the world including Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China, Dubai in the UAE, Tehran and Isfahan in our homeland, Customer service is done with the best possible quality.


Sepcotrading is one of the oldest, well-trusted and diverse Iranian dried fruits and nuts exporters.

Proud to announce we allow our customers to design their desired packaging based on the market demand, rules and regulations.

Sepcotrading’s head office is in Tehran, Iran. Also we have offices at China and UAE. We can supply our customers from our offices as well.

Days: Saturday to Wednesday

Hours: 8:30 – 17:20

IRST (GMT+3:30)

As a leading company in the dried fruit sector, we aim to be the pioneer of the sector and to continuously develop the sector with every step we take.

Our priority is to achieve the best quality in our products and services to become a symbol of reliability and respectability. Every action we take is within the perfectionist concept.

Awareness and implementation of quality management and food safety rules by all our employees, help us to prevent mistakes and in a case, avoid repetition of any mistake.


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