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Pistachio one of popular iranian dried fruit and nuts is from late Middle English “pistace”, from Old French, supplanted in the sixteenth century by form from Italian “pistacchio”, through Latin from Greek πιστάκιον “pistákion”, from Middle Persian “pistak”  the New Persian variation being “pista”.

History of Pistachio

The pistachio tree is native to regions of Central Asia, including present-day Iran and AfghanistanPistachio trees are genuinely solid in the correct conditions and can endure temperatures running between −10 °C(14 °F) in winter and 48 °C(118 °F) in summer.

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Pistachios from iran fill in bone-dry atmospheres and locales winning all around depleted soil and dry conditions. The world-known taste of Persian pistachio is unparalleled since Iran’s geological area, extraordinary bone-dry atmosphere, and soil are the ideal setting for the development of pistachio trees.

pistachio production by country in 2019/2020

Insights show the main productors of pistachios around the world, in light of creation share in 2019/20 that the United States delivered around %51 of the pistachios that were created around the world and Iran pistachio production is about %31.

Where to buy iranian pistachios?

SEPCOTRADING as an excellent exporter of dried fruit in Iran offers food makers a full line of Iranian pistachios for sale, all bundled and transported to correct client determinations.

The immense scope of handpicked premium Iranian pistachios ensures the most extreme quality while meeting clients’ determinations for size, assortment, and grade. You can browse crude, broiled, and prepared pistachio nuts. While offering totally common and sound non-GMO, gluten-free Pistachios, natural items are additionally accessible upon your solicitation.

Our strategy is principally founded on the quality of pistachios from Iran.

In addition to quality, we are continually attempting to zero in on adaptability and an answer arranged methodology.

High-quality Iranian pistachio Production

Green Pistachio Kernel(GPPK)

Makers make Pistachio Kernel from a wide range of Pistachios. A quality factor for portions is their sizes. The more the shade of the piece’s subsequent skin is violet and sharp the more it is well known among clients.

Higher the degree of fat in pistachio pieces the more delicious it is.

Another intriguing reality about pistachios without shell is that as the kernel size develops the shade of part will in general more yellow-ish. In this way, if the bit is untimely its tone is more green.

Farmers develop pistachios in territories that have a legitimate atmosphere for pistachios.

For example, Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd, Markazi, or urban communities like Damghan.

The tree of this pistachio begins sprouting in the principal long stretches of April.

The gathering season for new yield is late September until Mid-October every year. In this way, we propose booking your request for the new yield and reach us in the primary long stretches of September.

Our Pistachio Kernel clients are from everywhere in the world. For example, Russia, Turkey, China, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, and so on.

Sepcotrading is a wholesaler and exporter of Iranian pistachios.

We supply the following Grades Pistachio Kernels:

  1. Round Pistachio Kernel from Round Fandoghi Pistachio. (This type is more popular because of the competitive price).
  2. Jumbo Pistachio Kernel from Jumbo Kaleghouchi pistachio
  3. Long Pistachio Kernel, from Long Ahmadaghaee(Ahmad Aghaei) Pistachio or from Long Akbari Pistachio.

Commonly Exporters can load and ship Pistachio Kernel in 20 ft. and 40 ft. dry containers.

The loading capacity of containers are:

  • 20 ft. Container: up to 13 Tons
  • 40 ft. Container: up to 25 Tons

Sepcotrading company exports the best kind of Iranian nuts like Pistachios at the most affordable prices all around the world. Click the following button now.

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More info:

Iranian Pistachio Wholesale Price:

according to statista report in the 2019 marketing year, wholesale pistachio price per kilo in Iran is 3.57 U.S. dollars while at the same time pista price in Italy is 13.5 U.S. dollars.

Timeframe of realistic usability: 

One year after the creation date.

Keeping condition:

Users can keep these pistachios at room temperature.

A room which has great air ventilation and it is liberated from dust. Notwithstanding, based on our expert assessment, it is smarter to keep them in the Refrigerator which is cool and dry with appropriate air ventilation.

Creation Time:

It relies upon your required amount and pressing sort. In this way, it can fluctuate between 15-25 working days.


Truly, they are. Pistachios are nuts of a tree called Pistacia vera. An individual from the family Anacardiaceae, which is identified with the mango, cashew, oak, poison ivy, pepper tree, and sumac.

Pistachios like grapes fill in bunches. Pistachio tree produces natural product in the branches that were made by standard buds a year ago. A pistachio tree can generally have a decent yield when it is 7 years of age. Its production life can be 100 years or more.

Iran is generally known for creating the absolute best quality pistachios on the planet. This quality can be straightforwardly credited to the radiant climate of this nation, which follows the normal cold and blustery winters. Iranian Pistachio is distinguished as an extravagance item in certain nations like Japan and Germany.

There are several reasons that pistachios are so expensive:

  • Pistachios Only Grow In A Few Places
  • Pistachio Trees Take A Long Time to Mature
  • Individual Trees Don’t Produce Many Nuts
  • Peak Production Is Only Every Other Year
  • Pistachios Are A Labor-Intensive Crop

There are many places provide Iranian pistachios but it is so important what quality, price, supply and sell process they have. Sepcotrading is an Iranian company that have long history on Iranian dried fruits and nuts that its services and products are based on customer satisfaction.

Insights show the main productors of pistachios around the world, in light of creation share in 2019/2020 that the United States delivered around 51 percent of the pistachios that were created around the world and Iran delivered about 31 percent.

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