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Walnuts are constantly one of our best-loved single nuts. For additional culinary pride and ease of use in baking, cooking and snacking, we promote natural and organic walnuts in various forms. Right here you can pick up complete, halved, broken, nibbed and ground walnut. Sepcotrading exports various Iranian dried fruits and nuts like high quality walnuts.

walnut Characteristics

Walnuts are rounded, single-seeded stone fruits of the walnut tree commonly used for the meat after fully ripening.

Walnuts are late to grow leaves, typically now not till more than halfway through the spring.

walnut Types

the two most common main species of walnuts are grown for their seeds:

The Persian or English walnut and the black walnut.

The English walnut originated in Iran(Persia), and the black walnut is native to eastern North America. The black walnut is of high flavor, however because of its difficult shell and terrible hulling characteristics it is not grown commercially for nut manufacturing. Numerous walnut cultivars have been evolved commercially, which are almost all hybrids of the English walnut.

walnuts Food Use

Walnut meats are available in  2 forms: in their shells or de-shelled.

The meats may be whole, halved, or in smaller portions due to processing. All walnuts may be eaten on their own (uncooked, toasted or pickled), or as a part of a mix consisting of muesli, or as an ingredient of a dish: e.g. walnut soup, walnut pie, walnut espresso cake, banana cake, brownie, fudge. Walnuts are often candied, or pickled. Pickled walnuts which can be the whole fruit may be savory or sweet relying at the preserving solution. Walnut butters may be homemade or bought in each raw and roasted forms

Walnut Nutrients

Walnuts with out shells are 4% water, 15% protein, 65% fats, and 14% carbohydrates, consisting of 7% nutritional fiber. In a one hundred-gram reference serving, walnuts provide 2,740 kilojoules (654 kcal) and rich content material (20% or more of the daily value or DV) of numerous dietary minerals, specially manganese at 163% DV, and B vitamins.

even as Iranian walnuts are the most commonly consumed, their nutrient density and profile are normally just like the ones of black walnuts.

in contrast to maximum nuts which might be excessive in monounsaturated fatty acids, walnut oil is composed in large part of polyunsaturated fatty acids (72% of overall fat), particularly alpha-linolenic acid (14%) and linoleic acid (58%), even though it does include oleic acid as 13% of total fats.

export walnut 2019 stats

In 2019, global production of walnuts(in shell) became 4.5 million tones, with China contributing 56% of the whole. Different most important manufacturers (in the order of decreasing harvest) had been the United States, Iran, and Turkey.


Production ( of tones)

  • China 2.52
  • United States 0.59
  • (IRAN) 0.32
  • Turkey 0.23
  • World 4.50

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  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Super Plant Source of Omega-3s.
  • May Decrease Inflammation.
  • Promotes a Healthy Gut.
  • May Reduce Risk of Some Cancers.
  • Supports Weight Control.
  • May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes and Lower Your Risk.
  • May Help Lower Blood Pressure.

2–3 oz of walnuts daily may benefit heart and gut health.

It is widely believed that walnuts can lead to weight gain or increase the risk of obesity, but it is just a myth. A study published in the Journal of Nutrients revealed that healthy elders, who consumed nearly 300 calories of walnuts daily did not show any negative effects on body weight.

A 1-ounce serving of walnuts contains about 14 half-walnut pieces. People who are allergic to nuts should not eat walnuts. If the person develops a rash or hives or difficulty breathing after eating walnuts, medical attention should be sought.

Walnuts are the top nut for brain health. They have a significantly high concentration of DHA, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid. Among other things, DHA has been shown to protect brain health in newborns, improve cognitive performance in adults, and prevent or ameliorate age-related cognitive decline.

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