What’s Pistachio?


Today we will know about Nuts. It’s called Pistachio. A very famous nuts originating from Iran. Pistachios are a kind of high economic nuts. It is derived from Iran, and Iran has previously been the largest exporter.

The pistachio is a perennial tree, it can live up to 300 years. The kernels are often whole, either fresh or roasted and salted.

Pistachio are tree native to the desert. It is suitable for dry and high ground temperatures. The distance between trees is about 3-3.5m. The trees takes approximately seven to ten years to reach significant production. The tree starts to produce nuts from the 3rd year and stabilizes the harvest at year 5.

The process begins with loading freshly harvested pistachios.

The fresh skin layer of pistachio is removed here.

Once removed the loyal pistachio is separated and most of the wasted materials discarded.

The pistachios also go through the washing process at the stages.

The vibrating stage is used to sort out small from materials and small size pistachio.

Next is the first drying process and prepares them for the following two stages;

Pistachios collected here and sent to have remaining fresh skin removed.

Raw pistachios go to these large rotating machines to have the closed and the open nuts separated. close nuts are rejected.

Now before the nuts can leave Iran they must be checked. Pistachio can be spoiled bay fungus which produces poison called aflatoxins. When the scientists satisfy, pistachios can be sent on to the packing department.

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