How make Non Alcoholic Christmas Fruit Cake?

Non Alcoholic Christmas Fruit Cake

In this article we prepared you quick and easy non alcoholic Christmas fruit cake recipe with mixed dried fruit like currants, cranberries and raisins.

feeding christmas fruit cake without alcohol

A old fashioned Christmas fruit cake(English style) is indeed a delicious kind of cake to have for the holidays.

I am glad for this nice and easy fruit cake recipe, without any alcohol and no need soaking times or wrapping paper.

fruit cake recipe with mixed fruit

This non-alcoholic Christmas cake has a light crumb, it contains no alcohol at all, a low amount of sugar and due to the lack of alcohol, it is cheap.

feeding christmas fruit cake without alcohol

Ingredients for the easy fruit cake recipe

Dried fruit:

  •  We used a mixture of currants, cranberries, and raisins or sultanas to make the Christmas dried fruit cake. Keep the raisins or sultanas. They are required and they are the cheapest dried fruit you could possibly find for this Christmas fruit cake recipe.
  •  Also, you could play a little with the sorts of dried fruit. We use cranberries and currants because they are tarter than other sorts of dried fruit. but you could replace them(or parts of them) with other dried fruit like apricots,  dried cherries or something else.
  •  Like some people, if you like candied peel, you can add some of that to the non alcoholic Christmas fruit cake as well.


  • muscovado sugar is sometimes known as Barbados sugar, so you can use one of these choices.
  • Muscovado is a brown, moist and somehow spicy tasting sugar. It comes in light or dark brown.
  • If you can’t access it, replace it with regular brown sugar.

How to make a non alcoholic Christmas fruit cake

This recipe is so much easy:

  • mix the ingredients, pour them into the baking dish and bake.
  • Use a small springform to make it.
  • The fruit cake is bigger than a regular pound or loaf cake.
  • Once baked, let the Christmas fruit cake without alcohol cool in the tin.
  • You can serve it immediately once it is cooled.

That’s it. Enjoy 🙂

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