where has best pistachios in the world?

best pistachio in the world

do you know enough about Pistachio?

Pistachio is small tree that grows in Central Asia and Middle East. Pistachio trees of Iran, Syria, Western Afghanistan and Turkmenistan are famous in the world. Its fruits are miniature and delicious. The word “pistachio” comes from Persian language. Pistachio trees are commonly harvested every other year.

where has the best pistachio in the world?

From the past to the present, many countries in the world like Iran have been producing pistachios. But the question is: “which city in the world has the best pistachios?”

where has the best pistachio in the world?

Stay tuned to find the true answer.

What’s Green Gold?

In the Bronte city in Italy, there are 3 thousand hectares of a very expensive kinds of pistachio, locally called “Green Gold”. In believe of many advocates, Bronte pistachios are more delicious and remain fresh and green for longer than the rest of Europe. Price of 1 kg of this seed and its fresh skin is approximately 15.5 Euro. This is two times more than price in Iran and USA which are major producers of pistachio.

many officials and farmers are faced with the issue of thieves invading pistachio trees.

green gold pistachio

Which countries are leader in pistachio production?

Production of pistachio in Iran and USA together in 2018 was around 72% of global production thet was about 1.4 million ton. Secondary producers were TurkeyChina, and Syria


How determine the quality of pistachio?

There are 2 important factors in determining the quality of pistachio:

  • He has his own taste and has no other example.
  • Crispness, full brains and coarseness are a prominent and customer-friendly feature.

There is not better way to detect good nuts than tasting it. Thus Don’t Forget to Taste before buying any nuts. Of course you shouldn’t be too sure of this. Because in most nuts it is a little spoiled and probably tasting great may not always be the solution. Nuts with a spicy flavor are not very salty or sour.

Any sharp smell, moisture, and odor is a warning sign for identifying old nuts.

Laughing pistachios may be a combination of laughing pistachios and laughing water pistachios. The best way to detect a smiling pistachio is to first take a fistful and take it close to your ear and shake. if its piercing brain sounds audible, the pistachio has been artificially aquatic, meaning that the pistachio type has never been smiled before. And they have artificially made her smile.

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